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Fantasy F1 League 2019!

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Fantasy F1 2019 Season Is Now Go!

Due to the rather chaotic end to the Brazilian Grand Prix, some points are incorrect. The BBC initially had Ricciardo 12th due to his 5 second penalty but it looks like he took this during his pit-stop, so his actual finishing place was 6th. I will correct the points over the next couple of days. Thanks for your patience.

Points are now updated, congratulations to our new leaders, ShutUpEddie, can they hold on for the final race? Transfers are now open ready for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
Top Teams 2019
2ndLast chance of freedom1698
3rdRebels 131691
4thSAS Racing1666
5thMercashdes 1662
6thTrier Racing Factory1660
7thNolton Wanderers1657
8thRawsy Racing1648
9thOff The Grid1639
10thTim's Titans1639
13thThis time Ricci1624
14thSpringer's Heros1620
15thUSB Chargers1618
16thFord Ecoboost1617
18thRogue Royal1611
Top Scores For Brazil GP 2019
3rdSurrey Motorsport121
6thWheelchair racer116
7thlatch f1114
9thmarsh racer107
10thDeja que McLaren107

Watching F1 Live

It's been getting more expensive to watch the races live, the only real option until recently has been Sky TV, their cheapest F1 package is £27.50 a month with an 18 month contract.

You can watch for free online if you can find a reliable stream, but there is another option that was launched quite recently.

NOW TV lets you watch the races live (It's the Sky F1 feed) for just £7.99 per race. It's the cheapest, most reliable option if you combine that with the free to view races on Channel 4. You don't need any expensive equipment (you can watch via a games console for example) and there is no contract. Click below for more details and to sign up.

If you are looking for a Fantasy F1 game that has cash prizes, then I recommend Zweeler Fantasy F1 that has a guaranteed prize fund of £2,500!

Fantasy F1 League 2018 is a free, Fantasy F1 game now in our eighth season and based on the Formula 1 World Championship - you can register or login if you played before and pick your team for the coming season. Fantasy F1 2018 will allow you to create or join a public or private league for free, as well as picking your drivers, aerodynamic, chassis and engines. Fantasy F1 League can be played in your browser, no need for downloads.

Fantasy F1 League operates a handicap system for late starters - if you miss a race then you gain an additional £3M for your team's budget, for each race missed. So if you don't register until after the second race for example, you'd get an extra £6M for your team to spend. This means you can buy a stronger team than those already playing and gives you a chance of catching up. In any case everyone has a chance of winning trophies at every race so you can still get some glory that way, even if you are a late starter or have a few poor races.

Recent Drivers Transferred In

Romain Grosjean bought by Team Evers at 16:55:11
Romain Grosjean
Valtteri Bottas bought by buddycelts at 15:10:22
Valtteri Bottas
Max Verstappen bought by Jimster Racing at 13:49:12
Max Verstappen
Alexander Albon bought by EV at 10:30:33
Alexander Albon
Charles Leclerc bought by PAOKre! at 10:16:58
Charles Leclerc

Recent Drivers Transferred Out

Charles Leclerc sold by Team Evers at 16:55:11
Charles Leclerc
Kimi Raikkonen sold by buddycelts at 15:10:22
Kimi Raikkonen
Valtteri Bottas sold by Jimster Racing at 13:49:12
Valtteri Bottas
Valtteri Bottas sold by EV at 10:30:33
Valtteri Bottas
Valtteri Bottas sold by PAOKre! at 10:16:58
Valtteri Bottas

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