Fantasy-F1-League 2017 - 2017 Season Now Starting

Fantasy F1 League 2017

4,191 Active Teams

2017 Season Underway!

Points now updated after the Spanish Grand Prix! Congrats to new leaders Trier Racing Factory!

Transfers are now open again and you have until 1 PM on Saturday 27th May to make changes ready for the Monaco Grand Prix.

If you are looking for a Fantasy F1 game that has cash prizes, then I recommend Zweeler Fantasy F1 that has a guaranteed prize fund of £2,500!

Top Teams 2017
3rdTrier Racing Factory495
4thf1 titans 493
5thF1 Charlie 492
6thDAG Racing490
7thBradley-Evans Racing490
8thPastor Bake490
9thMansells Tash490
10thcool runnings490
Top Scores For Spain GP 2017
1stForce Slovakia 121
2ndScuderia Bullet112
3rdToasted Rubens112
8thAny Port in a Storm106

Fantasy F1 League 2017 is a free, Fantasy F1 game now in our seventh season and based on the Formula 1 World Championship - you can register or login if you played before and pick your team for the coming season. Fantasy F1 2017 will allow you to create or join a public or private league for free, as well as picking your drivers, aerodynamic, chassis and engines. Fantasy F1 League can be played in your browser, no need for downloads.

Fantasy F1 League operates a handicap system for late starters - if you miss a race then you gain an additional £3M for your team's budget, for each race missed. So if you don't register until after the second race for example, you'd get an extra £6M for your team to spend. This means you can buy a stronger team than those already playing and gives you a chance of catching up. In any case everyone has a chance of winning trophies at every race so you can still get some glory that way, even if you are a late starter or have a few poor races.

Recent Drivers Transferred In

Sebastian Vettel bought by Elliesf1Team5 at 00:29:49
Sebastian Vettel
Daniel Ricciardo  bought by Elliesf1Team5 at 00:28:35
Daniel Ricciardo
Sergio Perez bought by Pilchard Racing at 00:20:29
Sergio Perez
Kimi Raikkonen bought by RNTM Makmur Sentosa at 00:02:44
Kimi Raikkonen
Sebastian Vettel bought by Poole at 23:48:11
Sebastian Vettel

Recent Drivers Transferred Out

Daniel Ricciardo  sold by Elliesf1Team5 at 00:29:49
Daniel Ricciardo
Max Verstappen sold by Elliesf1Team5 at 00:28:35
Max Verstappen
Felipe Massa sold by Pilchard Racing at 00:20:29
Felipe Massa
Valtteri Bottas sold by RNTM Makmur Sentosa at 00:02:44
Valtteri Bottas
Valtteri Bottas sold by Poole at 23:48:11
Valtteri Bottas

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