Fantasy F1 League

Team History for Eynonbros for 2017

AustraliaValtteri Bottas15Max Verstappen10Nico Hulkenberg0
Total: 53Mercedes18Red Bull10Renault0
ChinaValtteri Bottas8Sebastian Vettel18Nico Hulkenberg0
Total: 69Mercedes25Ferrari18Renault0
BahrainValtteri Bottas25Sebastian Vettel27Nico Hulkenberg2
Total: 99Mercedes18Ferrari25Renault2
RussiaValtteri Bottas27Lewis Hamilton12Romain Grosjean0
Total: 86Mercedes25Ferrari18Renault4
SpainValtteri Bottas0Lewis Hamilton40Felipe Massa0
Total: 91Mercedes25Ferrari18Renault8
MonacoValtteri Bottas12Lewis Hamilton12Felipe Massa7
Total: 68Mercedes12Ferrari25Renault0
CanadaValtteri Bottas19Lewis Hamilton40Felipe Massa0
Total: 100Mercedes25Ferrari12Renault4
EuropeValtteri Bottas18Lewis Hamilton20Felipe Massa0
Total: 68Mercedes18Ferrari12Renault0
AustriaValtteri Bottas35Lewis Hamilton21Felipe Massa10
Total: 109Mercedes25Ferrari18Renault0
BritainValtteri Bottas25Lewis Hamilton40Felipe Massa5
Total: 118Mercedes25Ferrari15Renault8
HungaryValtteri Bottas15Lewis Hamilton12Felipe Massa5
Total: 72Mercedes15Ferrari25Renault0
Belgiumrace not run yet.
Italyrace not run yet.
Singaporerace not run yet.
Malaysiarace not run yet.
Japanrace not run yet.
United Statesrace not run yet.
Mexicorace not run yet.
Brazilrace not run yet.
Abu Dhabirace not run yet.

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