Fantasy F1 League

Team History for Z4Roady's for 2019

AustraliaLewis Hamilton28Charles Leclerc10Daniil Kvyat6
Total: 69No Aero Chosen0No Chassis Chosen0Mercedes25
BahrainLewis Hamilton27Max Verstappen13Daniil Kvyat3
Total: 68No Aero Chosen0No Chassis Chosen0Mercedes25
Vietnamrace not run yet.
Netherlandsrace not run yet.
SpainLewis Hamilton32Valtteri Bottas28Pierre Gasly8
Total: 96Alfa Romeo0Toro Rosso2Mercedes26
MonacoLewis Hamilton35Valtteri Bottas15Pierre Gasly19
Total: 108McLaren8Toro Rosso6Mercedes25
CanadaLewis Hamilton26Valtteri Bottas20Pierre Gasly4
Total: 76McLaren0Toro Rosso1Mercedes25
FranceLewis Hamilton35Valtteri Bottas18Pierre Gasly1
Total: 87McLaren8Toro Rosso0Mercedes25
AustriaLewis Hamilton10Valtteri Bottas15Pierre Gasly7
Total: 55McLaren8Toro Rosso0Mercedes15
BritainLewis Hamilton32Valtteri Bottas28Pierre Gasly14
Total: 109McLaren8Toro Rosso2Mercedes25
GermanLewis Hamilton12Valtteri Bottas0Pierre Gasly0
Total: 39McLaren10Toro Rosso15Mercedes2
HungaryLewis Hamilton26Valtteri Bottas4Pierre Gasly8
Total: 74McLaren10Toro Rosso1Mercedes25
BelgiumLewis Hamilton19Valtteri Bottas16Pierre Gasly6
Total: 65McLaren0Toro Rosso6Mercedes18
ItalyLewis Hamilton21Valtteri Bottas19Pierre Gasly6
Total: 65McLaren1Toro Rosso0Mercedes18
SingaporeLewis Hamilton12Valtteri Bottas10Pierre Gasly7
Total: 51McLaren6Toro Rosso4Mercedes12
RussiaLewis Hamilton32Valtteri Bottas20Pierre Gasly2
Total: 87McLaren8Toro Rosso0Mercedes25
JapanPierre Gasly8Valtteri Bottas27Lewis Hamilton22
Total: 98McLaren10Toro Rosso6Mercedes25
MexicoLewis Hamilton27Valtteri Bottas18Pierre Gasly3
Total: 75McLaren0Toro Rosso2Mercedes25
United StatesLewis Hamilton22Valtteri Bottas35Pierre Gasly0
Total: 88McLaren6Toro Rosso0Mercedes25
BrazilLewis Hamilton6Valtteri Bottas0Pierre Gasly22
Total: 67McLaren15Toro Rosso18Mercedes6
Abu DhabiLewis Hamilton41Valtteri Bottas28Pierre Gasly0
Total: 100McLaren4Toro Rosso2Mercedes25

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